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Dec 2017
Dec 17 2017 00:10
@FarseerVeraenthis wraithseers are worth the effort
mine was MVP for both gamestoday
Simon Porter
Dec 17 2017 07:55
Yeah, I've wanted one since they first came out
Dec 17 2017 19:18
I'm going to make a second one soonish, I'll try and take WIP shots this time for the cut marks and what other parts were used
probably in a week or two
Amadeusz Sadowski
Dec 17 2017 20:47


#2033 - was I nice enough @amis92?

Perfect. Thank you, sincerely.

Jon Kissinger
Dec 17 2017 21:08
@alphalas might enjoy that. I was nice
Jon Kissinger
Dec 17 2017 21:41