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Dec 2017
Joe Beddoe
Dec 26 2017 00:56
Bug Fix Santa delivered fixes for all my open bugs. :)
Dec 26 2017 01:02
I'm trying really hard to not bend my "no tanks" rule on my RG
because after diving through my bitz box, I'm pretty sure I could turn a baal pred kit into all the variants of deimos pred, and have the assault cannon barrels left over for using it as a 'razorback'
Dec 26 2017 12:42
anyone managed to snaffle the new horus heresy epub?
Earl Bishop
Dec 26 2017 13:21
When did it come out?
Dec 26 2017 13:45
today i think
Earl Bishop
Dec 26 2017 13:46
Ah. Give it a week or so and check the mega. He's usually good about uploading those.
Simon Porter
Dec 26 2017 21:27
@ibankzero which cat were you hoping to work on?