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Apr 2018
Joe Beddoe
Apr 15 2018 03:40
Just finished Lost in Space. Very satisfying and enjoyable stuff.
Joe Beddoe
Apr 15 2018 03:59
I mean, it was no Altered Carbon, but then again...what is?
Dirk Bachert
Apr 15 2018 09:48
The expanse is pretty nifty
Joe Beddoe
Apr 15 2018 16:57
Yes, it is. Very good. It's one of those rare instances where you can't say "Well the books are better..." because they really aren't. They're different, yes, but there are things in the show I prefer over the books, and vice-versa
Joe Beddoe
Apr 15 2018 19:38
Aaaaah nothing like a crafty girlfriend with a Cricut machine and some mylar sheets for airbrush stencils
Apr 15 2018 19:41
Apr 15 2018 20:33
Wow nice
Austin C.
Apr 15 2018 20:45
So, selectors that rely on child entries don't seem to work right.
Joe Beddoe
Apr 15 2018 21:11
Adhesive Vynil Stencils.jpg
Stencils done with adhesive vinyl sheets so they'll stick to the model