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Jun 2018
Jun 23 2018 00:37
@FarseerVeraenthis yes, I have some fixes in test, just unpushed
I've been distracted dealing with medical bills the past week
Jun 23 2018 00:46
for those who may care/seek deals:
in my "to get rid of at some stage" pile:
1 stormeagle (I'll only use two in huge games, and 1 is enough most times)
Cawl + 2 'Castellax'
1 Chimera
a small pile of tzeentch daemons
2 landspeeders
assorted HH infantry
the cawl and friends are designed to work as 30k archmagos and castellax for cybernetica
Jon Kissinger
Jun 23 2018 01:06
Are the castellax modified brobots?
Jun 23 2018 01:17
kastelans yeah
head turned around and sunk into the body, fists modified to have a cut-down heavy bolter on the left fist
top mounts replaced with a plas/lascannon hybrid to serve as a darkfire cannon
Jun 23 2018 06:35
got three terrain buildings base coated tonight, did a few earlier in the week, too...oddly satisfying
Simon Porter
Jun 23 2018 10:44
@WindstormSCR that's cool, I was just checking you had it covered before wading in and causing a massive problem with the merge conflict :smile:
I hope the medical bills weren't too traumatic...!
Jun 23 2018 12:49
nasty but handled
Earl Bishop
Jun 23 2018 12:59
@Mad-Spy Is Renegade Knights clean and good to go?
Iain Launchbury
Jun 23 2018 17:17
No one has complained since we looked at it last night, so I guess so?
Earl Bishop
Jun 23 2018 18:43
Hey, that already looks better than the UK open
Jun 23 2018 18:45
Earl Bishop
Jun 23 2018 23:13
Hey @Mad-Spy
Where's your logic to change "+CP" based on choices?
I was taking a look and can't see where it is.
Earl Bishop
Jun 23 2018 23:28
Like, I See it working - I just can't see the logic itself.
Or is that the BS bug at work ... cause that's annoying if it is
Earl Bishop
Jun 23 2018 23:37
Opened an Issue for you - could only find those few things - otherwise it looks good :)