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Jun 2018
Jun 28 2018 01:32
Ouch that was brutal.
Dirk Bachert
Jun 28 2018 07:06
@Kohato No, no you're not :P Just take a look at 9gag, so many memes about that it almost hurts :P
Price Van-Saint
Jun 28 2018 08:41

@CrusherJoe -

The best is when you Full Tilt into something, murder it, (if playing Terryn) consolidate into something else, Glory in Honour to fight again, then Death Grip something with the Paragon Gauntlet

this is actually relevant for a few of these 'fight' twice stratagems .. I was under the impression that chargers could only fight the thing they charged? ..

P.183 BRB - Models that charged this turn can only target
enemy units that they charged in the previous phase.

do strats get around this ?

Joe Beddoe
Jun 28 2018 08:42
No. You have to declare everything you want to Triple Crown as an assault target
Dear god I'm up late. Okay...script finished, output saved, email to client sent. G'nite all.
Price Van-Saint
Jun 28 2018 08:43
right, does this apply to Berzerkers too ? cause I've been burned before !
Joe Beddoe
Jun 28 2018 08:44
I'm like...90% sure it does unless there's something in the rule that changes it
Price Van-Saint
Jun 28 2018 08:45
awesome ... makes me feel a little better about them ... like, not much .. but a little
Price Van-Saint
Jun 28 2018 08:55
Not sure if any of you lot ever visited or use MWG, but the forums there have been shut off
Jun 28 2018 13:25
@acebaur I think the chaplain was my fault, I might have 'fixed' him accidentally when I was doing the terminator models
I was pretty tired when I was doing that
Alex Baur
Jun 28 2018 13:30
Lol no worries
Jun 28 2018 14:47
Anyone know a good place to get the valiant arms without paying $90?
I don't mind paying a decent amount, just not that much
Jun 28 2018 15:36
do you have a friend who's willing to lend you one + about £50 in casting supplies, not saying what you should do with said casting supplies tho, ¬_¬
Simon Porter
Jun 28 2018 22:23
@acebaur PR merged :smile: