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Jul 2018
Jul 04 2018 01:43
Hmmm I see some old CCON resin
Simon Porter
Jul 04 2018 08:50
@CrusherJoe given the stompy time that you had, what would be a good counter for Knights?? What did you struggle with??
Jul 04 2018 14:25
As someone who has played against the new knight lists ~7 times now with reasonable success (5/7 wins) the best solution is to get in CC with something that hits hard, and can take a beating back
or a lot of melta fire
basically you need heavy AT in reasonable volume to do shit to them, and anything that deals targetable mortal wounds is pure gold there
most of mine have been using deathwatch, where the tempest/hellfire shells strats did work, along with twinlas mortis dreads
for Eldar, fire prisms are your best friend (or a scorpion)
hemlock is not as great, I'd personally use hemlocks for crippling armigers to keep them out of relevance then finish them off once the big stuff's dead. regular knights simply have too many wounds for d-scythes to be too effective.
Wraithguard webway striking are suprisingly good as a counter, since each hits fairly hard and knight lists will bring enough targets to make it worth it
and most lists have some kind of armor that needs to get dead, so they're not a bad TAC take either
Earl Bishop
Jul 04 2018 18:17
"anything that deals targetable mortal wounds is pure gold there" While I agree ... that can be said of all lists. Targetable Mortal wounds are the bane of this edition imo.
A pure, fuck you - this thing will die and you can't do dick about it.
Joe Beddoe
Jul 04 2018 18:38
@FarseerVeraenthis the only thing that gave me trouble were Wolves (when most of your entire army has a 3++ is going to be a headache) and Tau (but that was because of smart screen placement)
With a yolo Gallant you need to stop him from charging things, because whatever he charges, dies
Simon Porter
Jul 04 2018 19:44
:+1: thanks for the tips
Jul 04 2018 19:46
@Kohato conditional, targetable mortal wounds with a CP cost aren't as bad as direct abilities
example hellfire/tempest shells, torment grenades, etc
where it costs usually 1 cp per D3 and still requires a hit roll
straight MW abilities aren't very fun
Jon Kissinger
Jul 04 2018 21:53
#3324 dakka usually is not a good source of rules arguments lol
Earl Bishop
Jul 04 2018 22:05
ayup lol
Yea, those are fine I'd think @WindstormSCR