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Jul 2018
Earl Bishop
Jul 17 2018 01:26
Due to increased demand, this product may take up to 35 days to be dispatched.
Jul 17 2018 01:51
the dwarf command set for sigmar is a sad one
makes me think I'll get the night gobbo command set soon, since those are rad models
Joe Beddoe
Jul 17 2018 02:14
Why does "gobbo" sound like it's racist?
Jul 17 2018 02:30
dunno, that's just you
I use it because that's what they refer to themselves as in-lore
Now I just need to figure out which faction to play for my next TWII mortal empires run that isn't Tomb Kings, Dwarves, or Orcs
Jon Kissinger
Jul 17 2018 02:47
Anyone want 10 pewter sniper scouts and 5 plastic ccw scouts?
Jul 17 2018 09:07
I made an amazon lambda that e-mails me when things to lctb on FW, just need to addapt it for GW too
Iain Launchbury
Jul 17 2018 09:10
Why must you do this to me, GW? £80 (£65 post discount) for the Kill Team starter, which makes it an insanely good deal! I was going to resist, but now...
Alex Baur
Jul 17 2018 10:03
@alphalas I might be interested in the ccw scouts, how much do you want for them?
Simon Porter
Jul 17 2018 19:55
@alphalas how much for the sniper scouts?? also, are they painted or "raw"??
@Mad-Spy they do it because... that's how they make money
Jon Kissinger
Jul 17 2018 19:56
@FarseerVeraenthis they’re bascecoated red but being that they’re pewter that should be an easy strip
Simon Porter
Jul 17 2018 19:57