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Jul 2018
Adam Vollrath
Jul 20 2018 05:06
ey you can read nearly all the Kill Team book here
are we gonna support the new Kill Team?
Joe Beddoe
Jul 20 2018 05:58
I think it's going to have to be a completely new repo
It shares many things, but the roster creation is pretty different I think
Or maybe it's not
Adam Vollrath
Jul 20 2018 07:29
oh of course it should be totally separate
Amadeusz Sadowski
Jul 20 2018 08:48
How are the dates shaping up? I didn't follow closely. When's the premiere?
Amadeusz Sadowski
Jul 20 2018 09:20

Okay, skimming through these rules, first question I have:

What types of play will we support? Obviously Matched is a priority. I'm not sure how to take on the ability to select any model to be a Leader in Open Play.

Will Pattison
Jul 20 2018 09:21
its out on the 28th. preorders start tomorrow
Amadeusz Sadowski
Jul 20 2018 09:23
Well, then. Let's better start it up now!
Do we need a new gitter room, or noone has objections to host the incoming spam here?
Amadeusz Sadowski
Jul 20 2018 09:43
Hmm. Maybe new room is in order, then.
Earl Bishop
Jul 20 2018 10:10
Here’s fine. Up to you
Amadeusz Sadowski
Jul 20 2018 10:37
I think it's busy enough here, and also integration room<->repo is only available for single repo (like if I write #1 it links to the issue in linked github repo).
@/all interested in developing Kill Team datafiles, let's meet in
Simon Porter
Jul 20 2018 11:35
the integration is a good point