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Jul 2018
Joe Beddoe
Jul 22 2018 04:03
Well the lighting is wanking the color all up, but
It's a purple candy, I promise
Jul 22 2018 04:11
styrix or magaera?
Joe Beddoe
Jul 22 2018 04:12
Jul 22 2018 04:21
huh, shoulders must be really similar or the same part entirely
Joe Beddoe
Jul 22 2018 05:11
I think it's the same part honestly
Jon Kissinger
Jul 22 2018 05:49
@WindstormSCR unless the Atropos has different shoulder bell mounts then the casti its a different shoulder pad
The arc of the casti’s mount is a much smaller radius then a questoris - I had to modify questoris pads to fit on the casti I previously owned
Jul 22 2018 14:54
So ... what does the Open Play/Matched Play/Narrative Play option actually do in the Battlescribe gst?
For 40k
Will Pattison
Jul 22 2018 14:56
there's some validation that work off it, such as tau have maximum 1 commander per detachment
there's also the CA land raiders that are only available in open play
Alex Baur
Jul 22 2018 14:57
Do we have an image of the DW Primaris?
Whoops wrong forum lol
Joe Beddoe
Jul 22 2018 15:07
So the new Aquaman trailer is actually...good. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Also, Glass.