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Jul 2018
Jul 24 2018 01:08
chromatic paints purchased, 6-12 business days then then fun can begin...
Jul 24 2018 01:11
what are you painting with them
Jul 24 2018 17:17
builds, some grey knight leaders, and helverin
Earl Bishop
Jul 24 2018 20:02
Feel bad turning that one down. It's not a bad idea at all, it's just not do-able at the moment :/ (#3369)
Will Pattison
Jul 24 2018 20:04
what do you mean you dont want 1000 empty selections for 1pt each?
but yeah, i agree there's no elegant, or even sensible, solutions to that right now
Iain Launchbury
Jul 24 2018 20:26
@Kohato, you can technically do the "user-defined" cost thing by having a 1pt entry which has no max constraint. However, I'm still not going to do it.
Earl Bishop
Jul 24 2018 20:27
Yep, I mentioned that in the issue
a 1,5,10,50,100,500,1000, etc would suffice ... but would be horrible UX wise.
So I suggested he bring it to uservoice if he wants it. As an actual user-defined-cost option for shared entries.
Iain Launchbury
Jul 24 2018 20:28
It's just a totally unnecessary thing IMO. Just don't spend the points...
Earl Bishop
Jul 24 2018 20:29
Eh, I can see the value.
But either way, in the current BS - yea just don't spend the points.
Joe Beddoe
Jul 24 2018 21:55
Getting them into that pose was harder than I thought it would be
Jon Kissinger
Jul 24 2018 21:59
Yeah cerastus legs are... interesting