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Aug 2018
Simon Porter
Aug 06 2018 07:37
That video has delayed my arrival at work by nearly 20 minutes, but it's time well spent...! Cheers!!
Dirk Bachert
Aug 06 2018 12:05
you could say the STRATEGIC VALUE was ABSOLUTE
Earl Bishop
Aug 06 2018 14:18
But seriously
is that voice pack a mod
Simon Porter
Aug 06 2018 15:56
I only have it on PlayStation but if I had it on PC I'd definitely be interested in trying that mod :smile: if I had the pc version, the strategic value of finding out would then be ABSOLUTE :tongue:
Aug 06 2018 16:43
Checked, and just some skins for the game, they can't mod the sounds.
Earl Bishop
Aug 06 2018 19:25