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Sep 2018
Sep 20 2018 01:10 UTC
since I figure @acebaur @FarseerVeraenthis will want to see these for thier own modeling ideas:
the cata assault cannons look great for DW terminators
Alex Baur
Sep 20 2018 03:41 UTC
Those are pretty sweet, where did they come from?
Also if you didn't get to them earlier I can do the DW fixes tomorrow
Sep 20 2018 03:57 UTC
I've got them partially done, I just need to commit
I'm just double-checking my logic on everything using a whiteboard because the codex added stuff and the index restricted stuff, so it's hard to keep track on a couple of them
As for the cataphractii, those are just the cata plastics with the FW assault cannon upgrades for the HH
IF and BA can use them there iirc
but they make a great way to get assault cannon terminators built up for DWKTs that look nicely distinctive, and are actually cheaper per cannon than normal terminators! (2 ACs per FW kit, can use 4 cannons on one set of plastics)
Simon Porter
Sep 20 2018 06:24 UTC
They do look pretty epic...!
Dirk Bachert
Sep 20 2018 07:27 UTC
@GenWilhelm oh I see. That is a tad unintuitive, since SSE were a thing you used to prevent redundandency and not cause it.. but oh well, if it works, it works.
Sep 20 2018 12:24 UTC
@CrusherJoe I need the Fromagier's opinion of this DW "hard list"
dropping the Vets in via teleport as a roving 'fix the problem' squad
and yes, the list does generate 16cp before relics/wlts for the knight castellan and if I want a second DW relic
Will Pattison
Sep 20 2018 12:41 UTC
oooh, chaplain dreadnought. i've spent a long time looking at that entry, but never though about whether it's any good
Joe Beddoe
Sep 20 2018 12:48 UTC
Where's your Terrax Drill? lol
And what heavy weapons do you have in the Vet squad?
Joe Beddoe
Sep 20 2018 16:06 UTC
And how are you getting away with 4 detachments? And where's the rest of the Astartes battalion?
Sep 20 2018 16:19 UTC
its not 4, its three, the FW stuff is in a nested set
dw/fw, skitarii, knights
dw is master/chap, three squads
and why bother with the points of a terrax drill when I have teleportariums?
it just delays guys showing up even further, and can't carry primaris or terminators. the skitarii exist to be a cheap CP battery, while also having the stygies deployment option if I need to push out the possible first turn assault zone away from important shit (using the "sfts/forwardops" style deploy)
optionally I cam throw a transuranic arquebus or two into a squad or split two between squads to make them an actual threat that requires attention
Joe Beddoe
Sep 20 2018 19:51 UTC
Right on
I suppose the drill is only worth it if you pack it full of Fulgurites
...and then it's a bona-fide threat packed with a bigger threat
Simon Porter
Sep 20 2018 21:05 UTC

I've been working on a 2k point list too...
++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Deathwatch) [114 PL, 2000pts] ++

  • HQ +
    Watch Captain [5 PL, 91pts]: Bolt Pistol, Combi-flamer, Power sword - Babysitter
    Watch Master [7 PL, 130pts]: Lord of Hidden Knowledge, Tome of the Ectoclades, Warlord. - Teleport in with the Veterans and the Dread

  • Troops +
    Veterans [20 PL, 310pts] - Sit at the back and shoot things
    Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Power fist, Cyclone Missile Launcher and Storm Bolter
    4 x Veteran: Chainsword, Stalker Pattern Boltgun
    Veteran: Boltgun, Storm shield
    Veteran: Boltgun
    . Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Infernus Heavy Bolter
    . Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher
    Watch Sergeant: Boltgun

Veterans [19 PL, 230pts] - split into combat squads. Bikers & Vanguard for Objectives, the other dudes go in the Razorback.
3 x Biker: Twin boltgun
2 x Vanguard Veteran: Power maul, Storm shield
3 x Veteran: Boltgun, Chainsword
2 x Veteran: Chainsword, Deathwatch Shotgun

Veterans [21 PL, 343pts] - Teleportarium and shoot things to death
Terminator, Power Fist and Storm bolter
Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Assault cannon, Power sword
Vanguard Veteran: Plasma pistol, Power sword
Veteran: Power sword, Storm shield
3 x Veteran: Chainsword, Storm Bolter
2 x Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Deathwatch Frag Cannon
Watch Sergeant: Combi-melta, Xenophase Blade

  • Elites +
    Reiver Squad [10 PL, 249pts]: Grav Chutes - "deep strike", deny overwatch if I want to charge, ruin morale (maybe)
    10 x Reiver: Bolt Carbine, Heavy Bolt Pistol

Venerable Dreadnought [8 PL, 182pts]: Twin lascannon, Dreadnought combat weapon w/Storm Bolter - Tele drop with Watch Master, tear things up in combat

  • Heavy Support +
    Land Raider [19 PL, 349pts]: 2x Twin Lascannons, Storm bolter, Twin heavy bolter

  • Dedicated Transport +
    Razorback [5 PL, 116pts]: Storm Bolter, Twin assault cannon
    ++ Total: [114 PL, 2000pts] ++

our PL's are nearly the same, how would my list deal with the knight??
(in theory, with the dreadnought power fist, the lascannons from the Raider and the Razorback, and the Frag Cannon and melta squad... but who knows!)
Also, do we need a release somewhen??
Simon Porter
Sep 20 2018 21:12 UTC
@WindstormSCR you're 17 points short, which will get you another Veteran - bodies are always good :smile:
Sep 20 2018 21:13 UTC
that's mostly for equipment flex, since I have a few things undecided
you know how kill teams are, up or down by 20 points on a few small changes
Simon Porter
Sep 20 2018 21:13 UTC
uhuh :smle:
Sep 20 2018 21:13 UTC
I just wanted to get a general idea of what the tourney guys thought before I went to that level of detail
Simon Porter
Sep 20 2018 21:13 UTC
so, what are the squad of plain intercessors doing??
Sep 20 2018 21:15 UTC
dropping in and shooting whatever needs shot
bolt rifles are in a nice place where with SIA they're flexible and don't need an agressor for full value
the general idea being giving a lot of low toughness things to shot at, or a few very very well protected high-T
Simon Porter
Sep 20 2018 21:18 UTC
I have a veteran squad with storm bolters (and some extra dudes) for that in my list
but then, that is partly because I qrote my list based on the models I have available atm
and I only seem to have 3 spare storm bolters... so....
Simon Porter
Sep 20 2018 21:23 UTC
Overall your list looks good... almost too balanced for a tournament list!! That Castellan though WOW! that's expensive
Sep 20 2018 23:15 UTC
i need more electropriests...then again, I also need some time to paint the ones I already have...