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Sep 2018
Sep 29 2018 04:33
This is giving me headaches trying to rework my DW lists
trying to balance anti-infantry/anti-tank while also not paying half my points for transports
Price Van-Saint
Sep 29 2018 09:40

@Kohato the FAQ adds a few interesting tidbits for crons.. stepping out of a scythe or Monolith could now be considered disembarking "For ALL rules purposes" so Deceiver bomb works as a VERY EXPENSIVE T1 DS better as we get to move /advance or charge etc.

C'tan, Praetorians, Wraiths & Scarabs and Tomb blades that can't charge over screens is pretty naff though ... just have to try and shoot holes in screens first I guess

Earl Bishop
Sep 29 2018 12:46
I need to find printable sticker paper and make stickers for my stratagem cards
to fix them :p
Night Scythe deep strike would be worth the points
Monolith ... no
Simon Porter
Sep 29 2018 18:31
Also, happy birthday @CrusherJoe for yesterday :cake:
Sep 29 2018 23:00
my lisbuilding ideas have taken a rather stark 180degree turn
to: massed DW vets
just bare squads doubled up in rhinos
backed up by late-game terminator strikes
with a few weapons scattered about, and two of the squads in a stormeagle
raw play the objective firepower