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Oct 2018
Price Van-Saint
Oct 01 2018 07:19
I'm thinking about the RG strat and I think I prefer it ...
A) it lets me deploy troops first and see who I want to move
B) I can reserve the CP I would spend in the deployment phase and look at my options later
C) it leaves more space open in my 1/2 points on the table for other deep strikers..
D) 9" free move is actually not that shabby, followed by a 12" move and then a charge ... my only concern is the not assaulting over terrain or screens .. but that remains to be seen in actual play
Price Van-Saint
Oct 01 2018 09:34
need to amend that .. you still need to spend the CP in Deployment phase .. and only then move before 1st round ...
stratagem is more crappy
Joe Beddoe
Oct 01 2018 22:45
Oh right there were Wolfy fixes changes updates (probably nerfs) in the FAQ
They're done now
This is great
from the slaneesh/khorne box set sprue "leak"
new titty monster at the end
Joe Beddoe
Oct 01 2018 23:23
Bets on what it actually IS?
And for what system?
Earl Bishop
Oct 01 2018 23:37
It's sigmar
They're getting a slanesh/khorne box
but the new things will have 40k rules.
no clue what it is though
Jon Kissinger
Oct 01 2018 23:47
I still think it’s just an updated fiend
It doesn’t look much larger then a fiend and that model didn’t get updated with the new seekers or the lawnmowers
Earl Bishop
Oct 01 2018 23:48
that is probable