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Oct 2018
Joe Beddoe
Oct 07 2018 14:20
The problem is a properly-configured Shadowsword is close to 900 points -- the Trojan Support Vehicle and Salamander Command Vehicle are what I consider to be "necessary to the point of don't consider taking one without those two as well"
And even then
Shadowswords are missing one very key, critical component that the Castellan has invul save
Earl Bishop
Oct 07 2018 15:48
Lol #3724 vs #3722
A is a super polite letter to Windstorm, then B is ... shit's broke.
Oct 07 2018 15:55
Just need a third with an accusation of working for GW (and the other usual insults that come with it) and we’d have the trifecta of reports all at one time
Oct 07 2018 18:07
vanguard of the dark city is the multiple CP thing, I don't know of any way to actually do that
ah, nevermind, it's the obsec thing
strange that got missed, I'll fix that today
Earl Bishop
Oct 07 2018 18:46
Oh god
I missed "sublime"
Your work is sublime.
This guy is my new favorite user.
Jon Kissinger
Oct 07 2018 20:06
Earl Bishop
Oct 07 2018 20:07
well that's awesome
Simon Porter
Oct 07 2018 20:15
that is pretty wow