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Oct 2018
Oct 15 2018 02:54
my conundrum of the day: use an aux support detachment to pick up long fangs only? or use a spearhead to pick up a whirlwind for counter-battery on basilisks and other unpleasant things. or do I say fuckit and get a whirlwind scorpius for that instead
regular whirlwind will do the job since basi/manti are only T6
scorpius has better AP and the double-fire though
why couldn't they have made the WW scorpius a heavy support instead of cramming it into the elites slot :(
Joe Beddoe
Oct 15 2018 13:33
Jon Kissinger
Oct 15 2018 13:42
laughs in Death Korps
Joe Beddoe
Oct 15 2018 13:43
Oh my
Man what a perfect day to wake up to! Temperature in the low 40s. Rain. I :heart: it!!!!!
Iain Launchbury
Oct 15 2018 14:07
@kohato, you just ninja'ed me on Reddit :smile:
Earl Bishop
Oct 15 2018 14:08
Earl Bishop
Oct 15 2018 17:06
Anyone happen to know the fonts used on datacards?
Dirk Bachert
Oct 15 2018 17:45
needs a higher quality to identify automatically
too many artifacts
hm no, aint working. Damn