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Oct 2018
Oct 26 2018 06:27 UTC
would it hurt if I said I had two like that filled with assorted different crap?
eldar guns type 1, eldar guns type 2, spare bases, flying stems, assorted heads/pouches and shoulderpads, resin bits, an entire iron armor close combat upgrade kit
the list goes on
The Castellan is looking more and more balanced as-is
Joe Beddoe
Oct 26 2018 14:33 UTC
well, that's nearly as long as my.............
9" rule...? :tongue:
"When I whip out my big 10 inch...
...record of the band that plays the blues"
Will Pattison
Oct 26 2018 14:51 UTC
is there anything particularly strong you can do with it?
'cause most of the strength of the castellan comes from stratagems, and a warlord trait/relic (i.e. more stratagems most of the time)
Joe Beddoe
Oct 26 2018 15:08 UTC
Those guns are pretty damned strong without Strats -- the Singularity cannon wounds knights on 2s
Also, Ork lore on Warhammer TV now
Earl Bishop
Oct 26 2018 15:53 UTC
Mmmm, Necron Titan.
holy crap, only 625
That can replace T-Vaults in lists ...
Haha that explosion
Is so big
Jon Kissinger
Oct 26 2018 15:56 UTC
Is it as effective as a t-vault?
Earl Bishop
Oct 26 2018 17:23 UTC
vs an elite army? I think so.
T-Vault and ct'an powers are great against lower toughness things and alot of things with all that tesla.
But there's nothing in the necron book to melt through T6-8 really
It also moves faster and hits harder in melee
But it has limited strategem usage
But it also cost as much as a ta'u'nar
So, fuck that.
Alex Baur
Oct 26 2018 18:37 UTC
#3769 jeez no need to be demanding bro lol
Earl Bishop
Oct 26 2018 18:38 UTC
I Have forseen this
Lol, someone on FB was wanting the Seraptek to have Quantium Shielding
It'd instantly be the most hated thing on any table.
Oct 26 2018 18:48 UTC
I dub thee the necroknight
it basically IS a castellan
I think I'm in love with the deathskulls rules
6+ inv, and a free reroll, and obsec on non-troops?
basically "here is functional ork vehicle army, enjoy"
Lootas in battlewagons
and trukks
Dirk Bachert
Oct 26 2018 21:35 UTC
to whoever designed the dragoon kit
I hate you!