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Nov 2018
Nov 06 2018 00:28
Question regarding interpretation of the "Shiny Gubbins" rule. Codex says "If your army is led by an Ork Warlord, then before the battle you may give one of the following Shiny Gubbins to an Ork Character. Named Characters such as Ghazghull Thraka cannot be given any of the following Shiny Gubbinz - they have their own unique wargear."
Nevermind... I messed up the selection in my list. Apologies
Earl Bishop
Nov 06 2018 00:38
Troy Graber
Nov 06 2018 03:04
Why doesn't this work? The profile always shows, even if the condition is met.
I tried the same with a SSE, but that didn't auto-select it like it should.
Earl Bishop
Nov 06 2018 03:15
You can't hide linked profiles yet
I don't think
That's the new BS feature I was mentioning
Troy Graber
Nov 06 2018 03:17
I think I figured it out. I was checking for 0 selection of the link to the SSE, I needed to check for 0 selections of the SSE itself.
Earl Bishop
Nov 06 2018 03:20
Troy Graber
Nov 06 2018 03:21
Next question. If I take an "Ork" detachment, with no clan, and I make a character with a specific clan my warlord, do I get the clan warlord trait?
Earl Bishop
Nov 06 2018 03:27
So you're taking a multi-Klan detachment
Yes - you can choose the WT/Relics for your character based on the Klan that they are
but you don't get a Klan Kultur
Jon Kissinger
Nov 06 2018 03:29
Hence the “Astra Militarum” regiment option in the AM cat
Oh fuck I’m going to have to add Brood Brothers to DK and Elysians
Troy Graber
Nov 06 2018 03:32
So I should mark all relics as eligible in a "No Clan" datachment?
Earl Bishop
Nov 06 2018 03:32
I solve it in Crons/IK by giving only hiding if a clan is chosen
and not requiring a clan.
because technically you're not choosing a multi-clan force, you're simply not choosing a Klan Kultur because the act of doing so limits your choices
Jon has a generic "AM" regiment option
either works well.
Dirk Bachert
Nov 06 2018 08:48
@WindstormSCR can you drop me the list? I just did a quick test yesterday with only a techmarine, no warlord and either of the strategems and the relics showed up
Iain Launchbury
Nov 06 2018 08:54
@Thairne, I've just tried it as well and it seems to be fine.
Dirk Bachert
Nov 06 2018 09:01
good to hear... the logic is pretty much the same with every character... all in SSE, so there should be no difference whatsoever. But Windstorm ist some anon guy, so I definately believe there is something fishy going on
Nov 06 2018 19:44
double checking all my versions first and retesting to make sure its happening to me on latest
Dirk Bachert
Nov 06 2018 20:38
well they work.. but not really satisifed. I guess I'll start over and do another set with the things learned...
Joe Beddoe
Nov 06 2018 22:10
I believe the rule is design, prototype and test -- and 3 prototypes is pretty much the most you should do before going back to the design board
Dirk Bachert
Nov 06 2018 23:09
well they're just the first one... found flaws in design and prototype :D
Nov 06 2018 23:23
Then you’re doing it right!