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Dec 2018
Joe Beddoe
Dec 24 2018 04:13
No the guy I split the box with is an AoS-er so he took the AoS book
@Mad-Spy happy holidays, may your time be spent with you engaged in activities that bring you joy!
er...does that means no Infernal Enrapturess until you get back? :grin:
On that subject...what exactly are the summoning rules?
You have to set aside Reinforcement Points, right?
Dec 24 2018 04:20
summoning is done during move, you roll a d6 pool depending on a few things (strats, etc, base is 2d6) and instead of moving deepstrike daemons of equal or lesser PL than the roll that you have the points for
so for example if you rolled a 4, you could drop a blob of 3 flamers in
or if you use the strats/abilities that let you use the larger pools (3d6/4d6?) then you can maybe pull a high enough roll for a greater daemon
but have to have enough reinforcement points
and the character that does the summoning can't move
so adding 3 to the summoning roll is pretty nice, means you get 2d6+3 base, and can get 3d6+3 with the boost strat
skews the average higher and makes 5 the minimum, so you'll always be able to pull a basic usable unit
Joe Beddoe
Dec 24 2018 04:43
You can use 1d6
Do we have a way to "set aside" Reinforcement Points?
Joe Beddoe
Dec 24 2018 04:49
Can someone please tell me WTF #4318 is trying to say? I think they're trying to say you can give different Intercessors different weapons (but they all must be the same, right?)
Dec 24 2018 04:56
he's being dumb
but the sergeant can take a stalker bolt or auto bolt, which your present version does not allow
and it must be the same as the rest of the squad
@CrusherJoe take a look at the SM cat, which is the one I fixed up. its not a very clean implementation, but it does validate correctly
Dec 24 2018 05:09
also @/all just a doublecheck that I'm not being snippy in #4315 since I've had a not so great evening and don't want to come across in an unpleasant way
Dec 24 2018 05:20
I'm not sure point A was needed, but other than that it seems fine
Dec 24 2018 05:22
and now it is a monster
but it allows us to use it as a reference for what cats do or don't have custom characters implemented
just check your stuff off when complete, I'll do the battle honors logic stuff tonight
I figured out why my original implementation was slowing things down, my fault, not battlescribes
Dec 24 2018 06:05
@/all #4315 is a tracker now for custom characters and battle honors, just two simple links in the appropriate units, honors handle themselves based on category tags
Earl Bishop
Dec 24 2018 13:14
KK. Once I'm home I'll add things
Tomorrow sometime lol
Joe Beddoe
Dec 24 2018 15:39
@WindstormSCR thanks for the explanation about the Intercessors. I'll roll out the changes you suggest.
Dec 24 2018 19:55
I've done eldar, DW, custodes for BH/CC
I can start doing other cats if owners are alright with it
just let me know which ones I can touch (just 2 links in each affected unit)