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Jan 2019
Dirk Bachert
Jan 18 08:27

oh I'd make you scream darling...

Oh cmon, I prepared the old "HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE" and "THAT IS DISGUSTING"-joke... :P

Joe Beddoe
Jan 18 17:39
the problem I have with playing 40K ... is that as soon as I finish a game, I want another as soon as I can straight after ... mind is still buzzing after last night with other units I want to try
That's downright delightful to hear. :)
Also, this:
Earl Bishop
Jan 18 18:40
"When embracing a xenos species in a foux display of romance, be sure to use the xenos as a shield against the demolition charge in your other hand."
Jan 18 19:00
an interesting discussion for SM purists:
I'll admit I wasn't expecting vendread boxdreads to make the list
Joe Beddoe
Jan 18 19:46
Dreads aren't awful
Though I would wander more towards the Levi or Dorito