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Jan 2019
Jan 20 02:08
I keep forgetting about Vigilus...
Joe Beddoe
Jan 20 16:22
....well, I guess that's what I get for not thoroughly investigating code I inherited from others LOL
How that's just shameful that I didn't spot that. Thanks for pointing it out @WindstormSCR
I really like the Guard stuff in Vigilus
I also need to implement it for Wolves
The one lonely, sub-part detachment they got
CrusherJoe @CrusherJoe sighs
Joe Beddoe
Jan 20 16:28
Since I'm not familiar with how other chapters are presented in other cats but unless there is strong precedent to do so I'm not compelled to add a long ass wordy rule to every unit that should have it. Bscribe's output is already a cluttered, gigantic, redundant, tree-murdering MESS, it doesn't need even more bloat for every unit...
If you don't know Wolves have that rule...I'd say you don't even own the codex
And there's zero point in including it in the catalog
Earl Bishop
Jan 20 16:35
Eh. I'd argue if it's a printed rule it
On the unit it should be there
At least in shared rule form
Jon Kissinger
Jan 20 16:39
Joe Beddoe
Jan 20 16:44
Fair enough
Maybe at the detachment level?
Like REGIMENT rules?
Jon Kissinger
Jan 20 16:45
Linked to each unit
Joe Beddoe
Jan 20 16:46
That's fucking dumb
Then it'll print with every fucking unit
Joe Beddoe
Jan 20 16:51
Adding unnecessary resistant
Fuck phone
Redundant extraneous words words words text text text and inches inches inches pages pages pages to output
Jan 20 17:12
similar rules in other codecies (example custodes) are just listed as roster level rules when battleforged
its in the same section where you find defenders of humantiy, power from pain, etc
so just add a rule, link it to root, done
Jan 20 17:22
@CrusherJoe before you drive yourself nuts
read the above, forgot to ping you
Joe Beddoe
Jan 20 18:02
That was pretty much what I meant