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Jan 2019
Will Pattison
Jan 26 2019 00:42 UTC
gold and purple is a classic combo. very regal :ok_hand:
Simon Porter
Jan 26 2019 06:56 UTC
@sk_Father_Price_twitter they look good :smile: :+1:
Price Van-Saint
Jan 26 2019 09:57 UTC
Cheers chaps. Only another 75 models to go,... How do you seal sand and pva on tho? Already starting to shed
Simon Porter
Jan 26 2019 10:13 UTC
Hmmm... I normally paint my sand so that makes it shed less... It still sheds a little though...
Price Van-Saint
Jan 26 2019 10:31 UTC
Painting sand, hmmmm sounds like something my old Sgt Major would make us do.. This stuff is food dye in budgie grit.. Might try and PVA over the top
Jan 26 2019 12:42 UTC
generally yeah pva over top does the trick
might need to thin it slightly
Simon Porter
Jan 26 2019 12:58 UTC
Yeah, I have a special brush for painting the sand... But now I use my airbrush and that's 10000% better :+1:
And I paint it brown so it looks like mud
Of course, these days there are special paints that create that effect for you "by magic" but I'm still a little stuck i the old school :wink:
Jan 26 2019 13:29 UTC
so I think my deathwatch are more or less complete now until new primaris waves
decided I want something very different for my next project, so I'm going to be doing some down and dirty genestealer cult
as a counterpart to my friend's skitarii
he plays agripinaa, so the laborers got tired of being made into servitors :D
probably going heavy industrial theme, I haven't decided if I'm going GSC proper, or converting heavily for Chaos-worshipping insurrectionists
Joe Beddoe
Jan 26 2019 14:51 UTC
My inner Filthy Juice Pig salutes your decision.
Jan 26 2019 17:38 UTC
Bugs and chaos...the two factions I can’t seem to get started on lol
Sounds like you have a good narrative to go with, too; so I’m more interested in seeing a game between those two ;)
Jan 26 2019 22:07 UTC
decided bugs, but still going the conversion route for less overt stuff, mostly HQs will be the only ones with obvious tyranid bits
then adding some Guard and tyranid elements later, once I figure out what sort of interactions are there
its a nice answer to “I like tyranids, but I’d rather not use tyranid troops, but CP is a thing”
so it’ll be GSC battalions fueling some selective bits of the bug range in the end