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Feb 2019
Alex Baur
Feb 09 03:58
So GW fucked up
they uploaded the 7th ed digital version of GSC lol
Earl Bishop
Feb 09 04:03
Feb 09 04:16
So i got some interesting and reliable news
apparently the crimson fist style update in WD is going to be a regular thing every other month
and this year at least will focus on lesser astartes chapters
so looks like maintaining SM won’t be a dull time
between those and that new box
Earl Bishop
Feb 09 04:22
Huh, interesting.
Other rules in every other month then?
Feb 09 04:47
Assassins are next month
@WindstormSCR couldn’t get anymore necromunda info; but adepticon was heavily implied for updates
Dirk Bachert
Feb 09 14:42
assassins? Interesting...