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Feb 2019
Feb 12 04:28
@GenWilhelm why no mixed cults for gsc my dude?
Feb 12 04:38
there should be a mixed option, but it should also strip the cult benefits from that force like IG and Craftworlds
Feb 12 05:00
thedre isnt, just a none but once you select one your stuck
Feb 12 05:06
should make it like eldar, were there is a "Mixed" option and thats selected by default.
Feb 12 05:08
I'm sure gen will get to it soon
Feb 12 05:12
Guys hello
Wanted to ask if anyone knows whats up with N17 ?
No updates since August
Iain Launchbury
Feb 12 05:58
Looks like it's not being updated. The maintainer(s) probably had IRL stuff that's stopped them from having time/motivation. Also, I understand there's something called Yaktribe, which does a better job of letting you manage your gang than BS can. Maybe they migrated and felt like keeping BS updated wasn't worth it.
But, it's community maintained, and anyone can do it, so get stuck in!
Will Pattison
Feb 12 10:45
re creeds: if you mix cults, you dont get a creed, so you can just delete the Cult Creed selection. or do you guys think it's better to have an explicit selection for not having a creed?
Amadeusz Sadowski
Feb 12 10:48
I guess it depends what will be easier to validate against for you.
Will Pattison
Feb 12 10:53
well the easiest would be to leave it as is, since that requires no changes :stuck_out_tongue:. but i'm happy to change it if people think it's needed
Earl Bishop
Feb 12 11:38
The other cats have a mixed option so I'd say add that ;
Feb 12 13:52
Yeah, all the other cats have a mixed option. I’d say add it for uniformities sake.
Dirk Bachert
Feb 12 20:18
finally.. campain finished. 47h played... jesus christ.
But it is sad the ending is not canon xD