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Feb 2019
Will Pattison
Feb 18 12:55
every weapon stolen from the necrons is now better than the ones necrons have...
Simon Porter
Feb 18 14:15
Perfect 👌
Earl Bishop
Feb 18 15:16
Haha. Not Tesla yet at least
Feb 18 19:53
interesting thought
chaos now has access to imperial assassins
take cypher and some fallen, make cypher warlord
you now have a chaos detachment, but also an imperium detachment, and an imperium warlord
chaos vindicare anyone? or maybe a chaos culexus
can't add a detachment, but you could summon them as reinforcements via that strat
Iain Launchbury
Feb 18 20:00
Feb 18 20:01
cypher can't have a warlord trait, but either him in an aux support detachment or in a vanguard with 3 units of fallen does qualify for matched
and mysterious protection's wording means that you would always deny your opponent slay the warlord
Will Pattison
Feb 18 20:25
yeah, that's going to get errata'd real quick
just like cypher summoning did
Feb 18 22:45
awwwwww, but it would be hilarious!