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Mar 2019
Mar 17 01:08
quick question about Shadowspear, but the points values for the vanguard space marines says that in their points values "weapons" are not included in the cost as opposed to it saying that "wargear". This in my head implies that the cost of camo cloaks and jump packs are baked into the model's costs themselves so the librarian in phobos armor would cost 108 points not 111. This is me just wondering if that's how it is supposed to be interpreted or if this is a typo by GW.
Mar 17 01:40
its a typo
GW intending to finally tell people "you pay for all of it moron" and then wording it poorly, as usual
Earl Bishop
Mar 17 14:07
sigh I wish git wouldn't mark a tag fix as latest release.
Mar 17 17:01
anyone have the warlord page for the shadowspear stuff? just wanted to see the actual limitations for who could take them
Will Pattison
Mar 17 17:23
SMs is PHOBOS only, CSMs is PSYKER only
Mar 17 17:25
Dirk Bachert
Mar 17 18:43
good lord, I hope appspot does pick up the hotfix release soon... yes, I know NOW that Infiltrators are troops.