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Mar 2019
So ... forgot that was soon
I do love that they completely ignore that they said every march way back when :p
Mar 20 02:49
At least they’re being honest
Dirk Bachert
Mar 20 08:38
@UrsinePatriarch Satisfactory. Basically.. Factorio in 3D with Subnautia elements.
I'm fucking hooked.
Nikola Beo
Mar 20 08:40
@Thairne Oof, don’t tempt me; Factorio’s the only game I ever killed exams to play
Dirk Bachert
Mar 20 08:41
I fully automated all basic parts except screws... Today is a new building, the space elevator and going for Motors so I can have complex assembly machines!
Mechanicus Cat Heavy Breathing.jpg
I also need to make things more symmetrical...
Basic Iron Rod and Plate manufacturing
oh god and I just arrived at work.. how am I going to survive the day?!
Dirk Bachert
Mar 20 08:48
disclaimer tho: it just started in Early Access and is Epic Games exclusive.
Price Van-Saint
Mar 20 08:51
and is 27 quid for early access
but that said .. I am tempted once payday arrives
Dirk Bachert
Mar 20 08:53
well Id say the EA currently has... about 15-20h of gameplay in it? More if you go "overboard" and increase production in preparation for later patches. So far I hardly found any bugs and UI issues, too
Will Pattison
Mar 20 13:43
Epic Games exclusive
make sure you dont leave their launcher running in the background
reportedly, it has some shady af behaviours
Earl Bishop
Mar 20 13:52
No more than any other platform
Dirk Bachert
Mar 20 15:10
if it works... steam at least CAN run in offline mode..
never considered closing it while playing tho
Iain Launchbury
Mar 20 16:32
meh, it's just removing the "Renegade Chapters" option and putting in some more Chapters.
sorry, Legions :)
ok, just actually read the Trait... I think GW are trolling us.
"What would be a massive pain in the arse for the BS guys to implement? I know, changing CP values based on units in a Detachment!"
Looks like Fallen might finally need their own catalogue as well...
Mar 20 17:11
Like I said,making life harder
Mar 20 17:13
My friends who wanted to play Fallen I feel happy for though
Jon Kissinger
Mar 20 17:17
The link is the packet for the event I’m running
Let me know if anyone sees any issues
Mar 20 19:24
@Thairne I just unlocked T6 milestones, git on my level
Iain Launchbury
Mar 20 20:25
@alphalas, I had a look over the pack and made a few edits to (imo) make it easier to read/understand.
I've put track changes on so you can see where I've changed stuff.
Mar 20 20:53
next chapter approved can we just lock some files so we don't get to weird revert statuses again? /rant
Iain Launchbury
Mar 20 20:55
Hopefully by next Chapter Approved, 2.02 will be out and everyone can just use the same entry.
Also, getting the Red Corsairs Trait to work wasn't as hard as it seemed.
Mar 20 20:56
it looked semi easy, esp with the cp tracking stuff we have now...just a bit tedious and edge casey issues
Iain Launchbury
Mar 20 20:59
yeah, the conditionals are... extensive
it works OK with Forgeworld as well, except the old issue that you need to change something in the Parent to get it to update.
Mar 20 21:04
Dirk Bachert
Mar 20 22:44
@WindstormSCR I did! Well, close. I am starting to feel the burn tho.. getting things efficient and pretty is starting to be pretty challenging... Working at unlocking the T5&6, but my factory is starting to fall apart. I probably have to tear down nearly everything and rebuild with the knowledge gained... and I have no clue how to do it! xD Rotors and Reinforced Plates are fine, but with the Frames things are getting shabby. Not to mention trying to get coal to the base so I can at least automate steel bars... *sigh
So... tips appreciated :D
Mar 20 23:15
I have the nightmare words for you thairne
Heavy Modular Frame
and Computer
both are requiring me to do a full factory revamp and an actual tree analysis :P
my inner systems engineer is happy