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    search the keyeords“DLL load failed” and manage it yourself
    Hi, @JiangangYang . It seems to be problem with numpy. This can help you. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11404269/numpy-importerror-in-python-dll-load-failed
    I used pre-compiled caffe for ubuntu 'caffe-cuda'. I am trying to execute code that was provided for a research paper but I am having trouble with 'ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'caffe._caffe' . Could someone please guide me on what resources to look up to fix this error ?
    Because it's pre-compiled, I can't seem to get any clues from solutions online that suggest you re-compile. For background, I am running Ubuntu 18.04 and the pre-compiled caffe is for python3 (as written on Ubuntu's package status page - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/caffe-contrib)
    Well, I finally resorted to compiling it on my machine instead.

    Hey, I did
    net = caffe.Net('./prototxt', './caffemodel', caffe.TRAIN)
    And it throws an error, I am trying to load the UNet model from 2015, is it because the model was built using older verisons of caffe?

    P.S. Just starting out with caffe, Looks like an amazing framework! Amazing work from BAIR!!

    Hello every body, I am facing a serious trouble in installing caffe in windows for matlab, any help will highly appreciated
    have any body installed on windows10, matlab 2017, cuda 10, visual studio 15, python 3.7 anaconda 4.2.0? please help me i am getting errors and already spend three nights and days? but no luck
    hi friends, i am new to caffe,i even don't know how to run a caffe model in vs2015, can anyone help
    runnning caffe in win is difficult
    @Safiullahmarwat hello
    i hava the windows version on windows with cuda8
    @getacat 你发什么问题了
    @fly2leoo hello
    your project is very good
    is bad to use
    because compile is bad
    please say to me
    @mengpengfei do you have matlab version? i mean matcafe?
    vipul Aggarwal
    I have problem in importing pretrained model using caffe in matlab. Can any ne help me?
    @neetutiwarihokkaido please say to me
    When I make runtest in caffe, I meet this problem:
    integrity@integrity:~/caffe1/sixth/caffe$ make runtest
    CXX src/caffe/test/test_platform.cpp
    /bin/sh: 1: cannot create .build_release/src/caffe/test/test_platform.o.warnings.txt: Permission denied
    cat: .build_release/src/caffe/test/test_platform.o.warnings.txt: No such file or directory
    Makefile:591: recipe for target '.build_release/src/caffe/test/test_platform.o' failed
    How can I solve this problem
    Hi, i'm stuck at even installing Caffe
    as a first step, i did this in the command prompt
    docker run -ti bvlc/caffe:cpu caffe --version
    and i got the error: docker: error during connect: Post
    create: dial tcp connectex: A connection attempt failed bec
    ause the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or est
    ablished connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.
    See 'docker run --help'.
    may I know what i did wrong?
    Hello, I wanted to ask if there is an existing Dockerfile of Caffe on Redhat (preferably 8.0)?
    Nate Meyers
    I'm trying to run https://github.com/imatge-upc/sentiment-2017-imavis which is a model trained on caffe, what is the best quickstart/tutorial for just loading the trained model and running an image through it?
    Is Caffe available for windows10? I'm trying to install it using anaconda but I'm having trouble
    @PanosDine some branch of caffe is available for windows perfectly
    Jérémy K
    Good afternoon all!
    Hello everyone . Does anyone run caffe on Rcar V3H ?
    Lars Nilse
    I try to install Caffe under macOS. The changes I make in FindvecLib.cmake i.e. the absolute path to the vecLib library seem to have no effect. Any advice?

    Run-flownet. py when I run flownet's program: usage: run-flownet.py [-h] [--gpu gpu] [--verbose]
    Caffemodel deployproto img0 img1 out
    Run-flownet. py: error: too few arguments
    An exception has occurred, use % TB to see the full traceback.

    SystemExit: 2
    What should I do?

    Anybody know what's going on? Can some bodies help me to solve it for me
    Eric S. Johansson
    hi, looking to see if caffe works with a Titan RTX. If I understand the docs correctly, Titan RTX has Cuda 10 support and compute capability 3.0-7.5 which the caffe docs imply is sufficient to run caffe. yes? no?
    Shreyas Moolya
    can anyone help me with working installation of caffe on ubuntu18.04:cpu version?
    Is Caffe still actively maintained? The latest commit is March 1st and there are some PR merges from last year, however the 1.0 release is the latest one and is from 2017
    Lars Nilse
    In my experience, the Caffe Users Google Group is a better forum for discussions than Gitter.
    Nice to meet you all.
    Hello everyone, I am a newbie, I hope to find a master, can teach me some knowledge about caffe, it is ok to get paid, my mailbox mynameisyanyan520@gmail.com
    Thomas A. Rieck
    What do you want to know...I’ve done a lot of on versions between Caffe and ONNX in C++. Let me know what’s on your mind.