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Aug 2016
Aug 28 2016 02:58
@ksred Thanks mate. Let me know if you have any updates on API access. Cheers!
Kyle Redelinghuys
Aug 28 2016 11:26
Hi everyone! Hope the weekend is going well. I’ve just finished the big PR on multiple user accounts: BVNK/bank#57. I’ve added a decent description on what the changes are, how they affect the current API, and how to migrate the database.
If there are any comments on the PR let me know. I’ve updated the postman file (linked in the PR desc) so you should be able to just import and test locally. If you want to test locally, just pull the branch down. Note: the database schema migrations are currently permanent (no rollback). I will be moving to a proper migration package soon so we can move away from the sql scripts.