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Fabian Grutschus
Hello everyone. I'm planing to serve BaGet via HTTPS. I need a proxy like Nginx to archive that, right? I don't see any enviroment variables to define a certifcate (and key). Thanks in advance
Loïc Sharma
Hi, you should be able to use the Kestrel configurations to set an HTTPS certificate. See the "Replace the default certificate from configuration" section here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/fundamentals/servers/kestrel?view=aspnetcore-2.2#listenoptions-usehttps
I've never used this myself, so please let me know if you run into issues
But yes, you can always use a proxy like NGINX
Brennen Sprimont
Can BaGet be hosted behind a nginx proxy? I tried a couple weeks ago and ran into the issue described here: loic-sharma/BaGet#276
Fabian Grutschus
Thanks. I'll give it a try now and will report. I guess Kestrel is a bit too complicated and I gonna use a Nginx-Proxy instead
Fabian Grutschus
Ok, I've BaGet running on port 80 and behind an Nginx-Proxy behind port 443. It seems that the content under /static wasn't generated.
I guess the Docker image doesn't create them. I'm using loicsharma/baget:latest
Gonna test now, which stage in the Dockerfile of BaGet create the static files and why they aren't generated
Fabian Grutschus
ok BaGet on port 80, delivers the static content. Just didn't see I was on https://localhost
@brennen.j.sprimont_gitlab seems like exactly your issue
嗨~ feel ~ How do you use it?
Loïc Sharma
@h0730303779 Did you see the “Getting Started” guide here? https://loic-sharma.github.io/BaGet/
Let me know if you run into any issues
like DevExpress NuGet Feed URL , what to do it ?
Private feeds are not supported at this time! See this pull request for more information. :)
Good afternoon. I have a question.
I launch docker
/shares/baget # docker run --rm --name nuget-server -p 9011:80 --env-file baget.env -v "baget-data:/var/baget" loicsharma/baget:latest
Configuration in baget.env
And the packages are in

Hi.. my config has aws s3, rds postgres and the baget app is running fine (windows 10 desktop machine). Almost uploaded 20 packages and able to download it and use it as expected. one specific package push is failing at every attempt.

error "Response status code does not indicate success: 500 (Internal Server Error)."

say package name is "address1.01.nupkg", And when i change the rds postgres to sqllite of local in config the push is working fine.

so some reference specific to this package in postgres is causing the error, so what are the options to clean up the package related details directly in postgres? Or is there logs we can check to idenity rootcause for this error ?

hi I managed to spin up a BaGet server and I can see its running, I can upload my packages just fine but I can neither see them listed on the UI nor can I download them using Visual Studio
has anyone faced this problem before? if yes, do we know what might be the best solution is?
Loïc Sharma
@thareek, I created a GitHub issue for your problems: loic-sharma/BaGet#545
@canceriens, that's odd. Try navigating to http://localhost:5000/v3/search?includePrerelease=true&semVerLevel=2.0.0. Do you see anything there? This should return all the listed packages. If that doesn't work we may need to inspect your database
@arvkonstantin that sounds like a generic Docker problem. I'd suggest reaching out to the Docker community to help you out with Docker problems
Anyone have issues getting the integration wtih S3 working properly?
Loïc Sharma
What kind of issues are you running into?
Hi everyone: I have a docker baget updated with the latest image. Simple conf: local filesystem etc.. when I try to download a package it return me a generic 500 error...where I should start to investigate on it?
"docker logs --follow baget" show me the issue ;)
Paul Schneider
Isn't there any issue about installation using Postgres ?
My initial migration fails
using PG11
Paul Schneider
I authored a new issue :-)
but I don't think I 'll try and fix it
Loïc Sharma
Hello hello, I'm moving the BaGet chat to Discord. Hopefully that will result in more folks being online to help answer questions. You can find that here: https://discord.gg/MWbhpf66mk