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yo i need help configuring your setup what file under public http folder on plesk is your file supposed to exactly go
your instructions are not very good at all, google search my company name uc mafia see how i cover google top to bottom you might want to work with someone with that type of influence specially not a single add tag on anything
come on snap to it i dont have time to waste before i make a review video to get 50k views
Massimo Buganè
Hi, I can't finish the installation.
in step 6 only the "previous" button is displayed
Mehmet Buğra Sezer
hello guys
Michael Reisner
Hi using baqend database, in the Access Log page , on the IP column i see weird IPs like 2a01::`` . Any idea what it is ?
Hi @mikereisner_twitter , for privacy reasons we make IP addresses anonymous. 2a01:: is an anonymized IPv6.
Michael Reisner
but then why on some other lines i have full "realistic" IPs if you make them all anonymous ? I used to only have full "realistic"
David Schkalee
Hallo! Kann es sein, dass eure Real-Time Queries gerade Probleme machen?
hi! Is there a way to join 2 tables from client: like mongoDb lookup method?
^^ ?
Michael Reisner
I feel i asked this a long time ago but sitll can't find it: on the admin dashboard (so not progrmaticqlly), is there a way to export selected lines to a csv file?
Also same: on the online admin interface how to use the search/query input box to only show results of a certain date like 4/25/2020 ?
i read this https://www.baqend.com/guide/topics/queries/ but these are all programatic stuff
Michael Reisner
On a side note when i select like 10 lines in my table then click Export, it's super long...like 5 minutes to see the json...
crazy slow...
ho i see, when i select 10 lines but i click "export" your app does not export only the 10 selected lines but the whole last 500 or sth items...
UI isconfusing, i'd think it only export items i selected
so the question above on how to filter and only show a certain date on the admin interface is even more important...
Michael Reisner
hello ?
Why cant i see the settings screen in my plesk server? I only have the options to activate/deactivate speedkit on a site, and not any advanced settings that seem to be available in every screenshot i see
Timo Kruth
Hi, is it possible to generate a mail for when a new data entry is inserted?
With the baqend database in use
Help, I have an administrate problem when using dashboard. Try to edit root file ACL on File tag but the button is in a awkward position that I can not hit. I am using Mac so what is your suggest browser?? Chrome and Safari is the same situation
Storepaperoomates LLC
Hello, has anyone used Speekit for a Woocommerce sit?
Preben Frenning / Kryptokind
Hi! Has anyone had any success with Speedkit and Shopify? :)
please how do i install speedkit on my plesk
Anyone configured Speed Kit with whmcs theme? please share
Florian Bücklers
Hey Guys, if you have any Speed Kit related Questions, feel free to open a ticket in our dedicated Zendesk Support for Speed Kit (https://speedkit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us). We are glad to answer and help you setting up Speed Kit if you raise a ticket.
This Channel is only intended for Baqend Platform specific questions. Thanks!
i can't set up the speed kit. "The plesk license seems not to be valid." how to solve it?
can someone help me, please
SpeedKit hepl in video buffering speed ?
Can somebody help me with Platform pricing model?

Hi all,

I am new bee to baqend,

can anyone help me out how to query containall with array of string please

I don't see any help coming in this group.. is this active?
Jörn D.
@gduggirala Please contact our support team at support@baqend.com
@DigiGroundJohn Die you take a look at https://www.baqend.com/guide/topics/queries/#filters? If yes, could you please elaborate on your issue?
Florian Gerbe
Hello, I'm looking for a tutorial to install Speed Kit on the laravel framework.
Salman Razi Khan
Good morning
Had my server guys help me out and they ttold me the following: After checking the logs of the server, I can see, that the application bulktesttask on the server is being blocked from the speed-kit side (receiving an error 403 in the logs).
Please check with speed-kit support if there is any blockage from their side.
hi, is is advisable to use cloudflare with speedkit?