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Troy Hinckley
And is it as fast as you want if you don’t load bash-it in your rc file?
屏幕快照 2018-02-28 上午10.32.41.png
How can i setting it with shell
Hi! Can someone help me simulate user input in bash script.
without using expect or sshpass... I want to write a script to login to server
I also don't want to use ssh keys
John Nolette
Hey guys
I just finished a clean install of deepin (distro based on ubuntu), and I'm running into a strange issue
My environment variables from /etc/environment aren't being picked up in sudo
John Nolette
Roy Mor
Hey I'm trying to find all words pair in a file using grep with perl's lookahead assertion but it doesn't work, any suggestions?:
cat words.txt | grep -P -o '([[:alnum:]]\+)[[:space:]]\+(?=([[:alnum:]]\+))'
Ricardo Lima
Hi, is there a way to preview all the bash-it themes?
Troy Hinckley
You can easily preview the themes in your own shell using BASH_PREVIEW=true reload
Ricardo Lima
@CeleritasCelery nice, that was what I was looking for. Cheers!
Ricardo Lima
Is it possible to set Bash-it to update based on a different branch other than master?
I'm using my fork as the remote, and I'd like to keep master on track with upstream master, and instead make my copies to track my dev branch
Peter Bittner
Maybe this has been asked a million times before (I apologize!) ...
Is there a command provided by Bash-it to list all short Git aliases? - My approach is this: (works, but not particularly short and easy to memorize)
$ alias | grep "'git " | sed -E "s/^alias ([a-zA-Z]*)='git .*$/\\1/" | xargs
Peter Bittner
bash-it show aliases git (understandably) doesn't give the output I would have expected.
Nils Winkler
@bittner You can use bash-it help aliases git to list all of the Git aliases. bash-it show shows what is enabled/disabled...
There's no short command that does what you want, no. Why don't you define a custom function for yours? You could provide a parameter for your search term (git in your case)... If you provide a PR that adds this function (e.g. find-aliases) to the base plugin, I'd be more than happy to merge this into Bash-it.
@riclima Sorry for the late reply... For your question on bash-it update: By default, it pulls from origin - so if your local clone is pointing to your own fork as origin, that should work automatically. If not, you can set the BASH_IT_REMOTE variable in your shell and it will pull from that instead. Using your fork as origin is probably easier, though - that's how I use it as well.
Peter Bittner
Wow, bash-it help aliases git -- that's it! Awesome, thank you!
Is this documented somewhere? We should add this if it's not. It helps beginners and occasional users of the short commands.
Nils Winkler
The general Bash-it readme has a list of the commands (including help), but it does not go into any detail :worried: I always wanted to move more documentation to the Wiki, but haven't had the time for that yet... So many other things to do.
Hello everyone. I had a quick question. Is a feature like autosuggestion which zsh and fish have technically possibly to be built for bash-it as a plugin or does it exist?
Nils Winkler
There has been a discussion on this over here: Bash-it/bash-it#894
Muse Mekuria
Hey folks, I have a script that needs to be passed a private key (as text). What's a safe way to call it?
it is not a long running program btw
hey guys
Grisha Prokopiv

Hi guys,
i run a script like: FOO_ENV_VARIABLE=int /usr/local/script.sh
and my script looks like:

   echo "Foo terminating...."
   kill $pid
   wait "$pid"

trap 'termination' INT

exec foo.java.application.MainClass &
wait $restorePID

and the goal is to execute 'termination' function and wait until proccess with pid end when Ctrl+C pressed,
and only then close executing
It works when i run that script like a: bash foo.script and then press Ctrl+C it works, i see echo "Foo terminating" in console.
but when i run that script as: FOO_ENV_VARIABLE=int /usr/local/script.sh it does not works, i do not see echo "Foo terminating"

Could some please what should be changed in that script to make it works with a FOO_ENV_VARIABLE=int /usr/local/script.sh

@neetjn works only on integer value.
Good news! Get your files organized by rename it in batch process. download or copy-paste: https://github.com/abdulbadii/rename_batch_emulated_PCRE
How to program Bash command history completion to be assigned to any certain key on keyboard? So the request:
UP key must complete the current typed command to be whole command line that has been done and exist in comman history.
Kamil Ko
Hello, it is possible to search word from the end in the manual?
Scott Dillon
you can use / + search term to find it in the man page. Then use n or shift + n to search forwards/backwards.
I assumed you meant man page when you said manual...
Mohammad Fares
Hello Guys, I've just published a new open source project that is coded in Node.js
Start just if you like it :D
Abdullah Yiğiterol
Hey how are you! can i ask about bash in this group?
Corey Cole
Can anyone help me with string escaping? I have a script that runs as the root user when my server bootstraps. At the end of that script, I echo a line to the ubuntu user's ~/.zshrc file. My problem is that the colors codes in the string evaluate when the bootstrap script runs, but I need those colors to not be evaulated until the user logs in and the ~/.zshrc file is read. More detail here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52415887/installing-oh-my-zsh-for-a-different-user-as-root-in-cloud-init-script
Corey Cole
I solved by using bash variables to postpone the evaluation of the colors/commands :D
Hello, I use zsh and a plugin. I created an alias for said command. I want to run that command as a keyboard shortcut in KDE. I tried changing script to !#/bin/zsh. I always get message saying command not found. How do I get bash/she to recognise zsh plugins and commands?
I made a developement group in Discord for people who are learning from all sorts of places https://discord.gg/FaP3g3P
Peter Bittner
Is there a Git shortcut for gc! --no-edit? (equivalent to "git commit --amend --no-edit")
Not really, right? (source) -- Should we add one?
I have a question regarding using nohup on bash process. Is this the right channel ?
Truong Ma Phi
Is there a way to locate your own theme, other than ‘themes’ directory?
Peter Bittner
@bpetersen This Gitter room is about Bash-it. Not about Bash and Bash concepts.