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I made a developement group in Discord for people who are learning from all sorts of places https://discord.gg/FaP3g3P
Peter Bittner
Is there a Git shortcut for gc! --no-edit? (equivalent to "git commit --amend --no-edit")
Not really, right? (source) -- Should we add one?
I have a question regarding using nohup on bash process. Is this the right channel ?
Truong Ma Phi
Is there a way to locate your own theme, other than ‘themes’ directory?
Peter Bittner
@bpetersen This Gitter room is about Bash-it. Not about Bash and Bash concepts.
Barton Petersen
@bittner Oh, my apologies! I’ll remove the clutter.
Gaspar Reyes
@scottdillon_gitlab, thank! it is perfect to illustrate tutorials.
Ben Chiciudean
using declarative associate arrays, how do I loop in order? my code:
declare -A migration8=(
declare -A migration9=(
    [CSV_COLUMNS]='created_at,updated_at,first_name [null if blanks],last_name [null if blanks],email,phone_number [null if blanks],meta_id,meta_type,state'
declare -A migration10=(
declare -A migration11=(


declare -n migration
for migration in ${!migration@}
do {
    export CSV_FILE=${migration[CSV_FILE]}
    export CSV_COLUMNS=${migration[CSV_COLUMNS]}
    export TARGET_TABLE=${migration[TARGET_TABLE]}
    export TARGET_COLUMNS=${migration[TARGET_COLUMNS]}

    pgloader template.sql
} done
Peter Bittner
@benydc Is this a general question about Bash? Note that this Gitter room is about Bash-it. (Not about Bash and Bash concepts.)
Leo Wong
Hey guys, just wondering how does bash-it completion work? I tried bash-it enable completion git to enable git completion, sourced my bash_profile, and it didn't seem to do anything. However, sourcing the git completion directly via source "$BASH_IT"/completion/available/git.completion.bash does the trick
Awesome Tetris in Bash https://github.com/deepgrace/tetris
Joseph Leroux
basicly my objectives is to launch "ui.exe" wich is a windows form made in C# and compiled earlier. Maybe i didnt understand totaly the purpose of "case $1 in start". wich i understood like a "Switch" statement but i dont get why doesnt it launch when i ./that_script but it work when i ./ui.exe
Thanks again everyone, cya :)
Joseph Leroux
(just in case : i had an 'Echo "p"' right before the line 14, it doesnt even print. i swear it is frustrating ^^)
Peter Bittner
@JosephLerouxBook TL;DR It may be that the double semicolon ;; must be indented. Take a look at other example out in the wild, e.g. https://gist.github.com/drmalex07/298ab26c06ecf401f66c
Joseph Leroux
In order to not bother the people working on Bash-It, i made a community to help people with shell (and so bash). Thanks guys. Cya
Hi @Here
When I try to compute 2**64 in a bash script I’m getting -9223372036854775808 instead of positive number. How can I fiw this ? Thanks

hey looking for some help writing a function. I want to be able to pipe data into it and echo the line and then write to a file.
I wrote this, but I want the user to see it without the TS, script and user (basically just the line)

function log () {
  while read -r line; do
    echo "$(date "+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S") $scriptName:$USER --- $line"
  done |tee -a $logFile 2>&1

current output to file and screen is

flyboy1565@linux:~$ echo "TEST" |log
2019-08-15 13:27:07 test.sh:flyboy1565 --- TEST
any help would be great
log() { while read -r line; do echo "${line}" done | tee -a $logFile 2>&1 }
hey there! quick question. I am calling a function that takes a bit. So i m using a kind of progress bar i found around, dont want to waste to much time on it.
set_group_flag & PID=$! #simulate a long process
The problem is that when the 1st process has something to print it all breaks apart visually
how can i keep the functions output and print it in the end?
how to enable command highlighting in bash-it ?