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Aug 2014
Florian Klein
Aug 29 2014 15:07
hey there :)
@everzet i hope you meant gitter
so my problem lies on output colors
used by TestWork\OutputExtension
the output printer used internally is defined by my factory
I'd like an extension to add more output styles to all printers available
(or at least without hard coupling the extension to a fixed list of formatters/printers)
Florian Klein
Aug 29 2014 15:13
this TestWork extension could be used by any other tool (right now Behat/Behat and funk-spec)
I want this extension to add 'diff-add' => ['red'],
'diff-del' => ['green'],
'code' => ['cyan'],
'trace' => ['white'],
'trace-class' => ['magenta'],
'trace-funk' => ['green'],
'trace-type' => ['cyan'],
'trace-value' => ['red'],
'hl' => ['red'],
to the preconfigured outputStyles of any printer
so my question(s):
1/ Is it possible ?
2/ is it a good idea :) ?