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Sep 2014
Mitja O.
Sep 25 2014 11:54
@everzet Thats what I am doing now, I decided that its better to state the prerequisites in the scenario ... Makes sense, thanks for your help..
Florian Klein
Sep 25 2014 13:03
@everzet @Max101 I agree that scenarios infos should be self-contained and contexts explicitly defined, but sometimes it would force you to pollute your scenario with really technical details. In that case, hiding technical details (like system data) inside the step definition (or automatic fixtures) might be a good idea, no ?
Christophe Coevoet
Sep 25 2014 14:12
@docteurklein the details of the data can of course be hidden in a step. The goal is that the scenario is self-contained and understandable. It does not mean that the scenario need to give the name of all users available in the DB if it is not needed to know them for the story.
Marek Juras
Sep 25 2014 15:49
hello :)