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Nov 2014
Gildas Quéméner
Nov 29 2014 13:17
Hi @renegare. By just introspecting Behat source, I can say that 2 env vars are available: BEHAT_PARAMS and LANG.
The first one must be a valid json structure (I guess satisfying the behat.yml structure too)
The latter one must be a two letters country code and is used to set the default behat language
And I'm talking about Behat 3.0+
Ciaran McNulty
Nov 29 2014 15:46
Yes I believe the JSON structure is just the same as the YAML
handy for CI etc.
Gildas Quéméner
Nov 29 2014 16:51
yes, even if I prefer having a behat.yml.dist file that I copy manually and change values using sed
for ci
found it more readable