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Feb 2015
Klaus Silveira
Feb 04 2015 17:34
So, guys, i have a quick question about how to create and manage data contexts in my tests. Say, for example, that i have a POST /booking route and, that in the body, i have to send the GUID of a specific user and service. I have a few "Given" methods that create the context: "Given that i have a user X, Given that i have a service Y"... how do i use the GUID in my request body in an elegant way?
Felipe Rodrigues
Feb 04 2015 17:45
I have the same problem here, i need to send a reference in my POST body and i don't know how to do this...
Konstantin Kudryashov
Feb 04 2015 17:49
Not sure I understand the question
Felipe Rodrigues
Feb 04 2015 18:00
Like, i need to send a reference of a entity that i'm creating in my context