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Mar 2015
Christophe Coevoet
Mar 10 2015 08:44
@everzet what is the status of the new ? The codebase would be a good example for that
Konstantin Kudryashov
Mar 10 2015 09:37
I'll try to work on it this weekend, but will OpenSource it next week no matter what.
Christophe Coevoet
Mar 10 2015 13:49
Regarding gherkin3, what is your plan for PHP ? Generating a PHP parser in the cucumber repo directly with their setup, or just reusing the acceptance tests for our own implementation ?
Having the PHP code in a subfolder of the cucumber repo would be a pain for Composer (it expects the composer.json to be at the root, and it would also download all other implementations for nothing)
and maintaining a subtree of the PHP repo for Composer would make things harder
Thus, it is potentially a big BC break for Behat given that *Node classes are exposed to Behat users directly (unless we keep Behat\Gherkin built on top of this generated parser, converting nodes)
I hope Aslak will answer on cucumber/gherkin3#3 btw (I already thought about running Behat\Gherkin against the gherkin3 acceptance tests in January)