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Jun 2015
Tristan Bailey
Jun 11 2015 09:16

Him I have been giving mink a go, but I want to do some work on some api pages, that return json.

How can I access the data mink has requested from a previous line so i dont have to write
Then GET '/get/posts' and has more than one result.
As in a webpage I can just give one action a line, but if i need the arg then I have to call in same line

Christophe Coevoet
Jun 11 2015 12:20
Mink is in my opinion the wrong tool to test an API. It is a browser emulator, and browsers are bad API clients (they only support GET and POST request in browsing mode)
and btw, this is why the Mink API is meant to work with HTML pages (most of the API will simply not work at all if you return JSON)