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Aug 2015
Abd ar-Rahman Hamidi
Aug 10 2015 13:05
hi everyone
Christophe Coevoet
Aug 10 2015 14:07
@hbakhtiyor you should ask your question rather than just saying "hi" and waiting. Waiting for a "hi" before asking your question does not ay well with asynchronous communication.
Ciaran McNulty
Aug 10 2015 14:15
@eddiejaoude SubContexts don't exist in 3.0. This gives a hint what we think of them. I prefer to use neither and have multiple contexts, letting the contexts get large (in terms of method length) if necessary but delegating stuff out to helper objects to keep the methods short.
Eddie Jaoude
Aug 10 2015 14:21
@ciaranmcnulty ok thanks :)