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Feb 2016
Łukasz Wojciechowski
Feb 02 2016 09:48
hi guys, I wonder if I could get some quick help here, I'm latest versions of behat + mink, in behat.yml I have URL configured under MinkExtension, now I need to get those config params from my custom Context, it looks to me like only way to do it is to implement MinkAwareContext and it's methods - or is there another?
Christophe Coevoet
Feb 02 2016 10:52
which config params are you talking about ? The Mink configuration or something else ?
If you want the Mink config, you indeed need to implement the interface. But there is a RawMinkContext class which can be used as a base class
Łukasz Wojciechowski
Feb 02 2016 10:53
base_url - mink configuration
thanks for confirmation @stof