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Mar 2016
Victor Sollerhed
Mar 22 2016 15:38
Does Behat have support for some kind of dynamic/generated scenarios/features?
I’d like to run the same feature (with Scenario Outline containing many lines) towards different environments.
…and in my CI environment, I’d like to get each feature for each environment showing up as different scenarios/tests.
…without having to duplicate all the content for all tests for each environment.
Matt Wynne
Mar 22 2016 16:06
@MPV have you seen suites?
Christophe Coevoet
Mar 22 2016 17:13
@MPV write a behat extension registering a custom loader. Almost anything can be customized by extensions in Behat, by manipulating the dependency injection container (which uses the Symfony component) in extensions. In Behat 3, everything is actually built using extensions (the only thing which is not is the code responsible for calling extensions to build the container)