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Nov 2016
Sergio Variu
Nov 18 2016 11:18 UTC
Hello. Can someone help me understand why this is not working ? Is this feature not longer in Behat 3 ? @Then /^the (?:user|customer|broker) should see a list of programs$/ ... I want to add placeholders to not write 3 functions for each user type
Christophe Coevoet
Nov 18 2016 12:54 UTC
this should be working (I have several steps written like this, and they work)
Ronaldo Drummond
Nov 18 2016 15:36 UTC
Hey. This code: var_dump($this->getSession()->getPage()->find("css", "input[type=checkbox].sr-only")); is retuning it: Can someone help me to identify what is the checkbox in this return?