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Jan 2017
Tiko Lakin
Jan 21 2017 07:37 UTC

@everzet @ciaranmcnulty @stof
Hello, can some one please advice how to use context and manage step definitions properly?

so what are the possible and right context should exist for app features?

for ex. simple features are:

  • catalog
  • product
  • basket
  • checkout

From what I can see there are can be the following separations

  • by user role context
    CustomerContext, AdminContext
    Given I can see "Behat docs" book name in the products listing in AdminContext
    Given I can see "Behat docs" book in "Tech books" catalog in CustomerContext

  • by feature context
    CatalogContext, ProductContext etc.
    and to split all step definition by it's context.
    ex. Then the product name is "Behat docs" in ProductContext


Tiko Lakin
Jan 21 2017 08:29 UTC
also, in respect of Behat/Behat#974 :)