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Jan 2017
Léonard Messier
Jan 26 2017 10:34
Hi there ! I have the feeling that closured step definitions were dropped at some point in behat history but I can't find a reference
Would someone be kind enough to enlighten me ?
Léonard Messier
Jan 26 2017 10:41
Found it in the repo finally. Can't find any extension providing the same feature. Too bad
Victor Sollerhed
Jan 26 2017 16:28

It might be a bit early, but:

Do we know if there have been any thoughts about supporting the (upcoming?) event protocol of Cucumber?

Ciaran McNulty
Jan 26 2017 17:04
Vague thoughts is about it so far
We were involved in some of the initial talks (in fact Konstantin pushed for it) but not so much the recent finished thing
Victor Sollerhed
Jan 26 2017 17:32
cc @tikolakin :point_up: (I think this might be interesting for you too) ;)
Tiko Lakin
Jan 26 2017 17:34
Hi @MPV , thanks :)
I think it will be possible once all thing for even-protocol is ready in terms of behat->cucumberpro integration