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Feb 2017
Bit Wombat
Feb 28 2017 05:36
Having trouble organising a growing set of features and contexts. Is the idea for there to be a 1:1 correlation between feature files and context files?
(except for common ones in the context lists in behat.yml)
Feb 28 2017 14:09

Hi everyone. Please help. When my scenario is finished I have bad result[D__Projects_Playback]_-_..._features_round-history-games-features.feature_-_PhpStorm_2016.3.2_2017-02-28_16.08.40ay96h.png

How I can change it on English?

Bit Wombat
Feb 28 2017 21:49
@DimaNazdratenko looks like maybe your terminal doesn't support unicode?
And try --no-colors to see if that fixes it.