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Mar 2017
Bit Wombat
Mar 30 2017 10:31
The commandline has --format-settings=FORMAT-SETTINGS yet there's nothing about that in the docs. Where do I read up how that works?
Bit Wombat
Mar 30 2017 11:27
Looking at the source, it looks like there aren't too many settings for 'pretty'... just multiline? I was hoping to turn off the # comment with the context method name.
Cagatay Ulubay
Mar 30 2017 12:36
You can look here:
It has "pretty" and "progress" out of the box (the older versions had more, but since v3.0 only these exists).
If you need a HTML Output formater, you probally want this extension:
Bit Wombat
Mar 30 2017 22:33
Thanks @CagatayUlubay but as I said the docs don't cover the --format-settings CLI option... I'm on behat 3.3.0