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Apr 2017
Apr 07 2017 15:51
I am new to behat and like to know how to generate behat.yml
I have used composer to install behat, mink and splinter
Trying to automate my first test case on the web
Eduard Sukharev
Apr 07 2017 16:32
Hi @apang7. Iirc, you should run something like 'vendor/bin/behat --init'
In the root dir of your project
Apr 07 2017 19:59
After running behat --init, it generates a behat softlink executable file no behat.yml
Apr 07 2017 21:03
I got no scenarios eventhough my feature file has scenarios, why is that?$ vendor/bin/behat
No scenarios
No steps
0m0.00s (7.00Mb)
Cagatay Ulubay
Apr 07 2017 22:39
You have to create the file by your self, either in the root directory or the config directory if you don't want to use the --config PATH parameter while calling behat. Look here:
Otherwise --init will create a directory features where all the features with Gherkin language dsl files will be loaded and checked (0 files, 0 errors throws = successful pass) and also an bootstrap directory for the Context files, the default one generated will be the FeatureContext.php