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Apr 2017
Alphonse Delaporte
Apr 13 2017 08:18
Hey guys ! Can you help me with Scenario Outline ?
I can't make it work with the example table, it always test the line in the table instead of the scenario ..
Cagatay Ulubay
Apr 13 2017 11:09
Can you be more specific? What have you tried, what are the outcomes, what did you expected? ~
Scenario Outline: Testing scenario outlines
  Given there are <start> cucumbers
  When I eat <eat> cucumbers
  Then I should have <left> cucumbers

    | start | eat | left |
    |  12   |  5  |  7   |
That's the example. While the table structure's table heading (the first row) are the placeholders (marked with < >). It will repeat the same scenario with each following table row
Humberto Oliva
Apr 13 2017 22:28
Hi guys, I'm trying to run some tests against menu instances, has any of you succesfully done this kind of thing?