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Apr 2017
Eduard Sukharev
Apr 20 2017 15:01
@zoryanaulia_twitter afaik it's not possible, but that's partly can be solved by custom output formatter which could append Example data to the end of Scenario title.
or such a custom formatter could even provide the exact solution you're looking for
Apr 20 2017 19:03
hi there! new to behat, having some issues with the zombie mink driver hanging... running behat 3.3.0, nodejs 7.6.0, zombie 5.0.5. the feature gets through the first scenario (confirming the home page loads and we're on it) but hangs on the first form element manipulation on an AJAX-loaded form.
also taking ~ 1m+ to just load the home page and verify content on it, which seems a tad slow considering FF can load the page and render (with AJAX completion) in under 5s
the other drivers aren't really an option as the setup is too convoluted for the current dev team to need to mess with (phantom, selenium) but i do need JS support